Scotts Stamp Catalogue Online

Scotts Stamp Catalogue Online

The Scott stamp catalogue is an annual catalog of world postage stamps published by Scott Publishing Co, a subsidiary of Amos Press. The Scott Stamp Catalogues includes the Scott Catalogue Classic, the Scott Specialized Stamp Catalogue and the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue. To purchase the Scotts stamp catalogue online, you can visit the ScottOnline website at which has Scott Catalogues, Scott album pages, stamp mounts, Scott supplements and stamp binders. The Scott numbering system is used primarily by stamp collectors in the United States and Canada and is owned by Amos Philatelics, Inc., dba Scott Publishing Co.

Online Stamp Catalogue

If your looking for a free online stamp catalogue that has stamp pictures and stamp values, visit the Online Stamp Catalogue at This stamp catalogue and online stamp price guide has a large stamp collection of stamp prices and stamp values including the value of old postage stamps and resources for finding the value of Canadian stamps, German stamps, French stamps and a link to a British stamp catalogue online.


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